Risk of smoking for pregnancy of women

Risk of smoking generally hampers pregnancy of women more than others. There are more than 250 billion women smokers worldwide and die some 3000 because of this vice. Smoking has been ranked as one of the leading causes of death and is therefore essential to be aware about it, plus other impact on health that carries the smoke.

Snuff consumption brings many complications, such as heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and various cancers are most common risk of smoking among others. But some of these consequences affect more to women than men because they damaged the skeletal system and reproductive system.

The National Institute for Health and Medical Research in France (INSERM) has been shown by several studies in the population, that women who smoke have more difficulty when she get pregnant and take twice as long than those who do not.

This is because the nicotine in cigarettes generates a decrease in the secretion of estrogen, a hormone responsible for the smooth functioning of ovary. This leads to several consequences which range from the alteration of the menstrual cycle, painful menstruation, problems of fertility and a decrease of the same, spontaneous abortions, placental abruption, premature menopause, premature birth, low birth weight and other.

Cigarette smoking is capable of advancing menopause one to four years, because the body of a woman happens to have smoked 10 years older than their chronological age, which inevitably leads to significant complications when looking for a child.

Fortunately when you leave the snuff in time, in the span of one year is possible to recover the reproductive capacity and counteract many of the complications that may have arisen from its use.