Peeling hair to treat dandruff and oiliness in the scalp

Just as one is concerned with removing dead skin cells through exfoliation, this same process can be replicated at the capillary level. The benefit of the capillary peeling is that thanks to this procedure yields a healthy scalp and therefore a strong hair.

Continually hair (like the face) is subjected to the action of external agents such as pollution, sunlight and the products we use as gels, foams, waxes with straightening, hair or buclera. They all contribute to the hairstyles that look great, but both are wearing their hair.

When hair is not so receptive to hair treatments re-nutrition, the color does not look, do not shine and looks dull, the peeling capillary serves to keep your hair in perfect condition and restore its vitality.

What is capillary peeling?

The peeling hair is a process by which it remove dead cells and the various particles of dirt and sebum which accumulates in the skin and cannot be eliminated simply by providing the usual hygiene shampoo.

This procedure can be performed in any part of the body or face, and even in the scalp.

All impurities which accumulate on the scalp can cause flaking, excess fat, dandruff and even hair loss and therefore need to be removed.


Effectively removes impurities from the hair

Improved oxygenation and gives vitality to the scalp.

Leave the scalp in top condition so you can better assimilate the nutrients are then applied (creams, vitamins, etc..)

Serves curb hair loss because it stimulates circulation and oxygenation of the skin through massage (which occurs when applying exfoliating masks)

It stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles

Support for the new hair to grow more strongly and vitality

Used to combat dandruff flakes removed because it produces

Serves against seborrhea because combat excess sebum (used ingredients such as nettle and burdock)

Serves against fat and regulates it eliminates accumulated fat in the scalp

Application and procedure

The treatment is done with specialized products for the job. They come in different brands and ingredients for each condition (hydration, dandruff, oiliness, etc..).

It is dry before washing the hair. To apply is placed in the root of the hair and is distributed throughout the scalp in small doses.thus performing a gentle massage with fingertips in the area and spread across the rest of the hair.

Finally, let for a few minutes and washed with water to completely remove the hair product.was advised to repeat the operation once a week especially have a specific problem in the scalp. On normal hair, with once a month may be sufficient.

Once the peeling is not advisable to use dyes or other products immediately because the area is very sensitive.

Ingredients like apricot, avocado, tamarind, orange, nettle, bardan, jojoba oil, seaweed or mint among others, are the most used.capillary peel is an excellent alternative to give vitality to the scalp and remove deep impurities will see healthy and completely clean.